CT(3D) 2D
$29,500 CT
(Medium Sized Panel)
$39,500 CT
(Large Sized Panel)
$59,500 CT
(Large Sized Panel)
    *When closed the door, w/o handle.
Upgradable to $39,500 CT with additional $10,000
*When closed the door, w/o handle. Ask us for longer/larger scans.
*Pre-order available.
*When closed the door, w/o handle.
Upgradable to CT with price difference.
  Types X-Ray CT Scanner System 2D X-ray Imaging System
  Features 3D Scans, 2D Acquisitions, With Void Detecting Software (3D) 2D Acquisitions
  Models NAOMi-CT 3D-M NAOMi-CT 3D-L NAOMi-CT 3D-Slide L NAOMi-2D
Hardware Weight Approx. 60 kg (130 lbs) Approx. 70 kg (155 lbs) Approx. 100 kg (200 lbs) Approx. 60 kg (130 lbs)
Power source Power AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Consumption power 1.0 kVA (At peak)
X-ray source * Tube voltage 50-100 kV
Tube current 2-10 mA
Max power output 500 W
High voltage generator DC rectifier (Earlier ignition system)
Cooling Oil and air
Focal spot size 0.5 mm
Detector Detector Type FPD Multi CCD
Pixel size 100μm 120μm 100μm
Grayscales 12 bits 14 bits 12 bits
Active imaging area H 121 x W 123 mm H 263 x W 213 mm H 106 x W 174 mm
Pixels 1216 x 1232 pixels
(1.5 megapixels)
2208 x 1792 pixels
(4.0 megapixels)
980 x 1660 pixels
(1.6 megapixels)
Image Acquisition Scan Areas
φ56 × H37-41mm
Pixel Size:0.068mm
φ83 × H72-82mm
Pixel Size:0.136mm
φ151 × H63-82mm
Pixel Size:0.205mm
φ68 × H38-49mm
Pixel Size:0.083mm
φ146 × H153-185mm
Pixel Size:0.16mm
φ251 × H130-185mm
Pixel Size:0.24mm
φ67 × H45-49mm
Pixel Size:0.083mm
φ141 × H147-176mm
Pixel Size:0.16mm
φ240 × H127-176mm
Pixel Size:0.24mm
H106 × W174mm
Scannable Size φ250 × H230mm φ300 × H320mm W-360 × D1000 × H-300mm
*Refer the above drawings.
W250 × D280 × H230mm
3D Scans 5LP/mm 0.1mm
2D Acquisitions 4LP/mm 0.125mm
4LP/mm 0.125mm
3LP/mm 0.166mm
2D Acquisitions 3LP/mm 0.166mm
Load Capacity Approx. 10 kg (22 lbs) Approx. 20 kg (44 lbs) Approx. 10 kg (22 lbs)
Target Examples

Aluminum Diecasts, Resins/Plastic Products and Containers, Rubber Products, Processed Food, Confectionery, Fruits, Cosmetics, Stationery, Toys, Shoes, Living Organisms, Bones, Cultural Properties, etc.
*Ask us for scanning heavy metals (iron, copper, etc.)

Unsuited materials for scans

●With the interlocking function ●Self-protected with the built-in lead housing. ●No qualification or license required (in case of Japan).
In case of the $59,500 CT, the three points above may not be applied.
Specifications or designs may be changed without a prior notice.

About the scan area
and object size.

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