Structure of NAOMi-CT (3D)

Differences in 3D and 2D

3D : Three Dimensions

Takes about 400 images
with 360-degree rotation.

Any slice view
available from any angles with 3D.

2D : Two Dimensions

One shot without rotation.


2D x-ray image with transmitted light.
By rotating the target manually and shooting several x-rays,
you have to imagine a cross section view.

Select the suitable model for your usage and objects!

Easy Scan


Place the object and close the door.



Adjust the settings on the operating system and scan.


*Approximately 400 images taken for 3D and one image for 2D


Take a view from your preferred angles of the scanned image.

③View ③View

See how quick NAOMi-CT scans

See how quick NAOMi-CT scans

Scannable objects

■ Material

Those with large atomic numbers in the periodic table are less likely to have enough x-ray penetration, which makes it unsuitable for CT scanning.

Smaller atomic numbers (such as resin and alminum) are well scannable.

>> Open the Periodic Table of the Elements (PDF).

Materials Penetration thickness Atomic number
透過のしやすさ Resin / Plastics 150mm Smaller than 13
Aluminum Up to 100mm 13
Iron 10mm 26
Heavy metals Under 5mm Copper (29), Zinc (30), Silver (47), Gold (79), etc.

■ Precision

Visible size is about 0.1-0.2mm.

LP/mm (Line pairs per millimeter)
Number of white & black line pairs in 1 mm.


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■ Usage examples

Inspection of "porosity" of automobile parts, gas appliances, etc., structural check of electric appliances, confirmation of the vacuum packing condition of processed foods, inspection of containers such as plastic bottles, inspection of shoes, etc.

■ Qualification / Notification

No qualification or license required (in case of Japan).
Please check with your country's regulation for any required documentations in advance.

■ Size

Refer to specifications.
for the scannable item size and scannable area size.

$29,500 CT/$39,500 CT

Even not scannable with the currently available models,
please contact us with your request as we would like to refer to it, for future product development.

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